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Why Buy a Business?


Many reasons exist for buying a business...


  • Job Security

  • Financial Independence

  • Control of Your Own Destiny

  • Wealth Creation

  • Personal Growth and Satisfaction

  • Pride of Ownership

  • Creative Freedom

  • Design Your Own Job Description

  • Never get transferred, laid off, fired, or have to deal with corporate politics

  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to establish your own priorities and manage your own time


We assist you in identifying, then facilitate the process of buying a business.  We spend time understanding your needs and goals, introduce you to prospective opportunities and their sellers, communicate what to expect throughout the process, connect you with funding specialists who provide you with tailored options, asisting you into business ownership.

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Why Buy an Established Business?


Most established businesses continue to be successful.  Why?


  • A Proven Location

  • A Proven Concept

  • The Right Products

  • Management and Key Staff

  • Established Customer Base

  • Established Brand & Reputation

  • Existing Cash Flow

  • Lower Equipment Costs

  • No Down Time 


Buying an existing business will allow you to benefit from someone else taking the high initial risks of going through start-up phases of the business cycle.  Established businesses provide two important factors in the success quotient... customer base and product.


Since the third factor to success will be YOU, the importance of finding the business that meets your requirements and needs is paramount.  Buying a business is not just being able to afford the purchase; it is related directly to the foundation of your dreams and aspirations for your family and future.  Goverment surveys show over 75% of new businesses fail within the first three years.  Why?


  • Under Capitalization

  • Low Product Quality

  • Wrong Location

  • Inability to Develop Customer Base

  • Competition from established Businesses


As seasoned Personal BusinessAdvisors, we have made, and continue, the commitment to help our candidates through the maze of identifying and exploring business acquisition.  By acknowledging the importance of our role, and combining the dedication and professionalism mandated for success, let us help you achieve your dream of independence and wealth creation.   

If interested in learning more about current opportunities or selling your business, contact us!

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