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Personal Business Advisors - Code of Ethics


We derive our energy and motivation by helping other Executives to succeed despite times of economic hardship and personal challenges.


We assist our Senior Advisors and clients to achieve their dreams and goals to the best of our abilities; we pride ourselves in our dedication to treating everybody with respect, professionalism, honesty, dignity and integrity.


Besides being successful, we believe it is our responsibility to secure the future of the economic leadership of our country by providing Executives with viable alternatives to traditional employment.


Being their Personal Advisor, we share our knowledge and base our recommendations not on potential commissions, but on facts, motivated by finding the best possible solution for EVERY individual situation.


Our main goal is helping others;  Following this goal allows us to achieve our personal and professional objectives for growth and success.

If interested in learning more about becoming a Personal Business Advisor, current opportunities or becoming one of the business opportunities presented to our candidates, contact us!

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