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Want to Consider Buying a Franchise, Distributorship, Dealership, Licensing opportunity...Need Some Help?


Many reasons exist for buying a franchise / distributorship / dealership / license opportunity...


  • Job Security

  • Financial Independence

  • Control of Your Own Destiny

  • Wealth Creation

  • Personal Growth and Satisfaction

  • Pride of Ownership

  • Creative Freedom

  • Proven System, Predictable Outcome

  • Brand Recognition

  • Experienced Leadership

  • Majority (91%+) Success Rate

  • Superior Post-Sale Support

  • Training

  • Network of experts

  • Professional Selection, Investment Quality


We assist you in identifying, then facilitate the process of buying a proven business model:  franchise, distributorship, dealership, licensing business.  We spend time understanding YOUR needs and goals, describing what to look for, what to question, what to expect throughout the process, connect you with funding specialists who provide you with tailored options, and assist you through business ownership. 


It may seem like franchise brokers are everywhere; however, we are very different in both our process and offering.  With us, You work with a peer, a seasoned executive, who understands and focuses on you and what you are seeking.  Our portfolio of business opportunities has been carefully vetted, by our corporate partners, to include only those that meet the following criteria: 


  • Appeal to the Senior Level Executive mind-set

  • Provide a Six-figure Income Opportunity to the Candidate

  • Recession-Proof and/or Recession-Resistant

  • Possesses a solid Business Plan


Most franchise brokers only have a short list of opportunities which they represent and do nothing more than match capital investment available and industry to you.  We focus on YOUR needs, skills, goals, and expectations.

If interested in learning more about this concept, current opportunities or becoming one of the franchising opportunities presented to our candidates, contact us!

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