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Major Business Categories


Marketplace designed to help executives identify and connect to a wealth of business opportunities.  Our extensive portfolio of business opportunities has been carefully vetted to include career opportunities that meet the following criteria:


  • Appeal to the Senior Level Executive mind-set

  • Provide a Six-figure Income Opportunity to the candidate

  • Recession-Proof and/or Recession-Resistant

  • Possess a solid Business Plan


Knowing the high caliber of our candidates, many organizations seek to list their opportunities with us; however, only those that meet our stringent standards are accepted.  Many opportunities are exclusively ours. 



We are a One Stop Supermarket for Business Opportunities!  There is a myriad of business opportunities available:  thousands of businesses for sale, 5000+ franchises / distributorships / licensing opportunities, 5000+ area/regional development opportunities, AND the opportunity to partner in a hybrid business.   Personal Business Advisors unique positioning in the market gives us access to opportunities that franchise and business brokers do not have within their portfolios.   NO fee or obligation to candidates

Executive Senior Advisor


Become a part of the world's premier Insourcing     organization.  Offering World's only business opportunity with Guaranteed Six-Figure Income and Retirement Bonuses. 


About 5% of our Senior Level Executive candidates express an interest in our business because they enjoy helping their peers, have well developed Leadership / Relationship / Analytical skills, and want to be able to generate substantial six-figure income streams from the comfort of their home office, all while BUILDING a business that puts them in control of their own destiny.


Offering a broad specturm of options from working as sole practitioner (can work part-time if desired) to Master Office Hybrid II which provides 6-figure GUARANTEED income stream from Day 1, and more. 


Hybrid Opportunities

In response to a job market that has now changed forever, we saw a need for the development of a model that meets the unique needs of Executives and Businesses, creating what we call the "Hybrid Model". This is our leading-edge concept to support growing companies that seek Senior Level Executive talent as well as Equity Partners.  Our hybrid model is superior to most other means of propelling growth (i.e. venture capitalists, angel investors, etc.) as they typcially bring nothing more to the table than money and most often have a different concept about the time frames and success performance than the principals. 


Senior Level Executives who are looking for career opportunities who also desire an equity position within an organization will find these of strong interest.  Our hybrid opportunities provide the security of a six-figure salaried executive position from Day 1, plus agressive bonus, along with equity position within the organization they build. 

Business Acquisition


There are more than 2.5 million businesses changing hands in the U.S. every year. Our unique posititon in the market gives us access to businesses for sale that business brokers do not even know exist. We identify a business to acquire that meets the individual's interests, their needs, capabilities and their financial abilities.


For the business owner, we provide a unique set of canidates who have the talents, drive, and investment capabilities to consummate a deal.

Franchise Opportunities: Unit, Multi-Unit, Regional or Area Developer


Franchising is the largest industry in the United States, producing more than 40% of all combined retail and service sales nationwide. There are more than 5,000 different franchise companies that are looking for qualified executives with entreneurial spirit. Our unique positioning in the market gives us access to franchise systems that franchise brokers may not have in their portfolio.


Franchises include business sectors such as:

  • Healthcare/Eldercare

  • Business Coaching

  • Financial Services

  • Commerical Services  

  • Marketing                                                                               


  • Health and Beauty

  • Food Services

  • Fitness and Wellness

  • Executive Consulting

  • Education

Licensing Opportunities


We offer access to opportunities for license rights for product and services in specific areas, regions, and territories.


Licensing lets you instantly tap the existing production, distribution and marketing systems that other companies may have spent decades building,

Distributorships & Dealerships


Our nationwide and worldwide presence allows us to leverage a unique offering of diverse program options and distribution rights for products and services that are looking for qualified Senior Level Executives with entrepreneurial spirit andgoals.


Distributorships and Dealerships are provided the opporutnity to buy goods in bulk quantities from a manufacturer at a price close to the cost of manufacturing them and reselling them at a higher price to other dealers or various retailers, or in some cases directly to general public. 



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